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smart scale

Imagine a scale that is so intelligently designed that it sends you real-time information anytime, anywhere. Not only information about the weight of your produce but information about your employees by tracking each individual’s activities and monitoring their progress in real-time.


Smart-Scale is the future of intelligent weighing, its features form a long list of advantages that makes Vizier’s Smart-Scale the leading weighing solution in the industry. 


The Smart Scale system enables increased productivity and accurate weight packaging in production processes.


Perfectly suited for any berry like produce, our Smart Scale will change the way you think about handling your produce. 


  • Wifi Inter-Connection.

  • Touchscreen interface.

  • Smartphone and Tablet friendly

  • RFID tracking per packer.

  • Production Reports in Excel Format.

  • Dual Spec Packing                         


The Scale System, a modular production monitoring system from Vizier Systems, was developed especially for the preparation and packaging of small fruits.


The weights are collected automatically for each operator, parcel number, unit, quality, and article and stored in the server software.


The system enables accurate weigh-packing of the product in specified container sizes, saving a lot of time, minimising overweight and maximising packed produce. It also provides extensive statistical analysis of the harvest to increase productivity dramatically.


The performance and production throughput are monitored per worker which allows the manager to optimally utilise resources. He can also access accurate production information to analyse it in order to determine strategies for performance increase of his production process and application of worker teams. The result is crucial business information on profitability and projected performance.


how it works

Smart Scale 2.png

"...using your scales for the raspberry season, was a great help and made accurate packing really easy. The scales worked very well, and the software was very user friendly. The packers also easily learned how to work with the scales and were able to pack the raspberries quickly and accurately. The data that can be extracted is also valuable in determining how effectively workers operate. This type of setup is definitely an asset for raspberry production."

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