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Vizier works in collaboration with companies to offer you integrated sorting and grading solutions, increase accessibility through affordable solutions and give you the tools to improve your business’ workflow efficiency.


“Vizier is proud to be associated with BVI and has successfully completed projects together both in South Africa and in the rest of Africa”.

The BVI Group is a team of professionals that deliver engineering excellence to both private- and public-sector clients. BVI combines quality and value for money to produce creative, target-related and effective solutions. Its professional services include:

  • Civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering.

  • Engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM).

  • Project and programme management.​

If you are looking to develop or expand packhouse infrastructure and facilities Vizier works in collaboration with BVI to offer you the best engineering solutions.



Are you not reaching the productivity and efficiency levels you need? Packhouse managers often underestimate an important aspect of the packhouse’s workflow efficiency: the employees. The root of the problem does not necessarily lie within the functionality of the system itself but rather within the labour management of one’s operation. 

Vizier works in collaboration with Free To Grow to ensure that every person in the organisation is aligned with the strategy and knows exactly what to focus their energy on. Free To Grow brings value to organisations and employees through aspects such as culture & engagement, leadership development, coaching as well as Individual & Team development.

These programmes offer you the opportunity to achieve levels of labour productivity and efficiency through work satisfaction and better communication strategies.


Let Vizier help you grow your business by empowering your people.

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